Monday, May 21, 2012

From Rockreation to the Creek

On Sunday, Charlie and I went out to Malibu Creek with a bunch of strong young climbers from Rockreation (Natalie, Eva, Sami, and Pablo) and met up with recent LA transplants Culin and David. We headed straight for the Ghetto Wall, which was more crowded than I've ever seen it, and the kids got right to crushing on the steep pocketed faces.
Natalie Josefsberg warming up on "Johnny Can't Lead" (11a) with Culin Li attempting "Urban Struggle" (12a/b) in the background.
Culin taking the crux fall on "Urban Struggle."

Culin pulling through the crux on "Urban Struggle."
While I didn't climb much, I did give a go on Brenna, a Shawn Diamond route that I projected for a season back when I was in high school, but still haven't sent.

Getting into the meat of "Brenna." (13d)
Heel-toe cam trickery on "Brenna."
Swingandamiss. Just a bit too far to the right of the crux pocket on "Brenna."
As I said, it was crowded
Culin, Natalie, Charlie, and Sami all gave good efforts on Ghetto Blaster, the most classic line on the cliff.

Natalie Josefsberg starting up "Ghetto Blaster" (13a/b).

Pulling into the upper crux of "Ghetto Blaster" (13a/b).
Pablo came agonizingly close to sending "Urban Struggle" (12a/b). He'll send it next time for sure.
Pablo on the crux of "Urban Struggle"

Charlie went for a repeat of Ghetto Blaster, only to fall at the last move.


Big crossover on "Ghetto Blaster"

The start of the upper crux.
Aaaaand the fall!

All in all, I would say it was a great day out on the rocks! Hopefully I'll have more sending to report int he near future. Stay psyched!

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