Friday, August 31, 2012

Return to Craig's Cave

No, I didn't stop climbing outside, though I'm setting 3 to 4 days a week at various gyms.
I've been out climbing at Malibu Creek a few times (check the twins' post here), and I intend to keep going back until I send a few things, but this weekend I went back to Vegas for a change of scenery. On Saturday I met up with Max Moore, Craig Berman, and Miranda (Craig's fiancé, congrats guys!) for a lovely day of pulling powerful moves on the horizontal roof that they've been developing over the past few years. You may recall it from posts such as this one and this one. I was pretty psyched to send "Rain Delay," a new problem put up by Max earlier this season, on my first try and Craig went home with a send as well.

Myself snagging the second ascent of Max Moore's "Rain Delay" (v10) on my first try. Psyched for the personal first. Photo: Max Moore
The big move to the boob hold. Photo: Max Moore
Photo: Max Moore
Craig Berman, original developer of the cave, sending his longest ever project with the second ascent of Max's "Unibrow" (v11).
Craig looking serious as he heel-toe cams against his own shin to grab the good hold.
Craig sending "Unibrow."
Miranda working "Flat Spin" (v8).
There are some damn hard moves in the cave, like this sdk on Max's "Bargy" (v12) Photo: Max Moore
Doing the heel-toe against the shin while working the moves on "Bargy"/"Unibrow"/other link-ups. Photo: Max Moore
Same move, different perspective. Photo: Max Moore
Max is psyched!

By the end of the session, Max was climbing in the dark, and ended up falling on the last move of his epic link-up project. A "next day for sure" thing.
I'm totally psyched to get back up to Mt. Charleston very soon for some bolt clipping, but I might also have to swing back by the cave a couple of times too to clean up some stuff. Stay psyched, and see you out there!