Saturday, December 25, 2010

Heathrow Shutdown = Christmas in London

So if you're my friend on Facebook, perhaps you saw this article about the recent failure on the part of the Heathrow International management to at all adequately prepare for even a mild winter storm. Basically, they didn't have enough snow plows to handle 5 inches (max) of snow nor enough de-icing fluid to clear the gates after they did eventually get one runway clear.

My flight back to LA was canceled on Saturday and then AGAIN on Sunday. Of course they kept our bags overnight on Saturday so I was forced to go back on Sunday anyway.
Also, the tube was closed, so affordable transportation back to civilization was not an option on Saturday at all, and was severely delayed on Sunday.

This is merely hundreds of the tens of thousands of people that were trapped at LHR

As a result of Air Canada not being able to re-book me until the 27th, I am spending Christmas in London, which is very bizarre experience. My fellow Americans in the flat and I keep making Vanilla Sky references. Everything is shut down, including ALL public transit. This is something, I have declared, that would never be tolerated in America ... at least not in New York or LA.

We're having a jolly Christmas drinking caucasians, "The Dude's" favorite, and being merry. Best wishes and holiday cheer to all of you out there. Or as Ivan Greene once put it, "SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY HUECO CAMPERS OUT THERE IN THE DESERT!"

Wednesday, December 08, 2010