Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Quick Trip to Colorado, a day in Red Rocks, and a day at Black Mt.

Allen Peters on "Bambi," at Matthews Winter Park.
Hiking into Mt. Evans.
Working "Mind Matters," Guanella Pass. Alexandra Fox photo.
Paul Robinson making progress on the "Ice Knife" sit start project, Guanella Pass.
Alex Kahn sending "Rainbow in the Dark," in Guanella Pass, for its second female ascent.
Guanella Pass gneiss.
Leaving Colorado
Max Moore working "Abaddon," Black Velvet Canyon, Red Rocks.

The Black Velvet Wall, Red Rocks, NV.
The Trailside Boulder, at Black Mountain.
Working out funky foot-lead beta on "Shoot the Moon," at the Trailside Boulder, Black Mt, CA. Alexandra Fox photo
"Shoot the Moon" foot-lead beta. I didn't send, but I've done the moves and they actually feel better this way. Alexandra Fox photo
Hiking out from the Tailside boulder, Black Mt.
Just an average sunset at Black.