Thursday, May 17, 2012

Black Mt: Gate is Open!

Saturday was USA Climbing Sport Climbing Series Regional Championships at Boulderash, up in Thousand Oaks. Natalie and Charlie both took first in their age categories (B and JR, respectively), and the rest of the kids from Rockreation had a great showing too! Full results here.

Natalie Josefsberg onsighting climb number three.
Sunday was another great day, with a trip up to Black Mt. Brett, Kris, Miguel, Mariana, and myself all cruised out early and were lucky enough to find the second gate open! We were able to park just outside the still-closed gate to the Boulder Basin Campground, and hiked the few minutes up the trail to the classic Basin circuit to warm up.

Brett warming up.

Mariana on the classic "Pink Crack." Kris Linstrom photo.
After a few laps on Pink Crack, we opted to hike over to the Velvet Revolver area. After a few attempts, Brett was able to snag his 3rd or 4th repeat of the problem. Kris came agonizingly close, falling off the last move a few times! Good thing we'll be back to this part of the mountain very soon!

Bret repeating "Velvet Revolver."
Kris on "Velvet Revolver."
Check out that SDK (sick drop knee).

From Velvet, we headed just back up the trail for a minute to a cool project I found last summer. It isn't the most highball of lines, but what it lacks in exposure it makes up for with its powerful and tension-dependent moves. I had worked the line twice briefly last year, but we put more effort into it this time for sure. I have now done all but one move, so we know it goes! Psyched to get back to this thing soon!

Miguel Casar on the project.

Brett, taking in the view. Kris Linstrom photo.
My try hard face on the first move. Kris Linstrom photo.
Finally figuring out the beta for this move! Kris Linstrom photo.
Kris Linstrom photo.
If I get this far, it's over! Kris Linstrom photo.
After some work on the proj, we headed back to the main Basin area to try the DMMFP and Buzz Saw, both of which we couldn't quite send.
Kris on the "DMMFP."
Miguel on the "DMMFP."
Needless to say, we are psyched to go back to Black Mountain soon. This weekend, however, looks like it will be for sport climbing. Stay psyched and see you out there!

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  1. Dylin C12:34 AM

    Hello, my name is Dylin and i am a climber based in Pasadena. I frequent your blog and it always gets me siked to go check out black mt; an area in which i've only had the chance to boulder a few times. You seem to know it quite well so if your heading up soon and don't mind me joining you it would be greatly appreciated! Keep up the great blogging, your content is pretty awsome. Cheers
    -Dylin Cordova