Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Things I like about London: The Fin and Flounder

One of the cool things about moving to a new city is discovering "the real city," as the saying goes. Maya and I have taken to walking around our neighborhood, London Fields, in the morning (or evening) and exploring.

Broadway Market is a street just a few blocks away, lined with some nice establishments: cafes, pubs, and restaurants, the obligatory butcher, and an awesome fish monger. The Fin and Flounder is a small shop run by a few dudes who really know their stuff and obviously have a passion for fish. We popped in yesterday, but we had already picked up some chicken and veggies to cook for dinner. Today we went and asked what was freshest that would fit our budget. They recommended some incredibly fresh mackerel, which was practically still squirming between some equally fresh trout and still-crawling crustaceans.

The display

Fresh mackerel

I filleted them myself, which was a first, but worked out rather well. Some sauteed shallots, garlic, and onion, paprika and lemon worked out great.


  1. Neat. Ask if any of his fish is sashimi grade.

    Then you wouldn't even have to worry about shallots and the lot; you could just eat it like a fish-sicle while you walk around the market. ;-)

  2. I definitely can attest that this mackerel was sashimi grade. The first raw piece I ate melted in my mouth just like if I'd ordered it at the finest sushi restaurant.

  3. Isaac, this is awesome, I never realized you were such a chef! You've got hidden talent.

    I'm enjoying the larger photos too, you've taken some incredible shots since your arrival.

  4. Gerri Horka and I (mom) are jealous of the fresh fish markets you (and David, of course) seem to find. Vegas has some, but not as fresh as what you both can get. Enjoy and have some for us! I'm here at Gerri's using her computer. Mine died!
    Love, Mom
    We'll see you both in Dec.