Sunday, September 05, 2010

A day on our feet

Today, we walked from our flat in London Fields to and around Shoreditch, up to Islington, and back again. We used our need to pick up a few things as a perfect excuse to explore our surroundings and get a feel for the streets of Hackney. My favorite part of the day came early, with a quick breakfast at a place that had been recommended to me, Taste of Bitter Love, which we followed with the Columbia Road Flower Market. The Columbia Road Flower Market, open Sundays, is much more than just flowers, with all the businesses and galleries on the street open and bustling, and street vendors selling delicious and inexpensive treats. £1.50 for three delicious, homemade samosas, anyone? From here, we walked down to another open-air market on Brick Lane, and then backtracked a bit before heading further up to another market in a quaint neighborhood named Angel, in Islington, before walking back to London Fields. I know most of this means nothing to most of you, but if you know the area, you know our feet hurt by the time we got home.

Maya in front of Taste of Bitter Love

delicious breakfast baguette

a proper macchiato

Columbia Street Market


(no caption necessary)

Canal in Angel

same canal, different street

this graffiti artist is all over.


  1. dOOd. Envy.
    And I don't mean that stupid phone.
    I'm glad you have a good camera, because those pictures really take you there.

  2. GOOD! I'm trying to convey what this place is like.