Monday, September 13, 2010

Things I like about London: The Castle Climbing Center

This morning I headed up to The Castle Climbing Center to check out the local training facility. The first really cool thing about The Castle is the building, which actually does look like an old castle. It's actually an old water pumping station (it's next to a reservoir)but has been a climbing gym for a while now. The other cool thing about The Castle is that they are working to be completely sustainable by 2012 ... but actually doing things to accomplish that goal.

The view from the bus stop

These photos don't really do the interior justice, as I was preoccupied chatting with Audrey, a fellow Team Evolvy who runs the gym, and getting in a short bouldering session.

In summary, The Castle is an awesome gym and I look forward to returning soon.


  1. Quite possibly the greatest wooden entrance I have seen to any building, let alone a climbing gym.

    Has any of the old equipment survived or been left behind? I would be interesting to see what artifacts are about and what evidence exists of the original purpose from an engineering perspective.

    It looks like you're having fun over there!

  2. Artifacts abound. Come visit and explore with me!