Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hueco Tanks

Josh Jurinek on Hector in a Blender

Josh on the über classic, Guns of Navarone

James Morris from New Zealand sending Babyface, contender for North America's most classic V7.

Drew sending the obscure, new-school classic, The Peanut, FA'd by Ty Foose a few years back. This classic (though somewhat sharp) line is behind the New Meadow, through the boulders left of Anal Intruder #10 (who names a boulder that anyway?)

Johnny Goicoechea "squeezing juice out the rocks" on one of Fred Nicole's numerous North Mt testpieces, Alma Blanca.

Sam Tingey showing us how to get shit done on BJ Tilden's Down in Flames ("V12" but more of a sport climb.)

Matt Tschol executing the send of the same. Homeboy drove from Colorado for two days just to send this rig. Nice!

Jason Kehl on the same

Tingey placing the topout kneebar.

Josh Jurinek attempts The Manly Bulge, across from Down in Flames