Friday, February 12, 2010

More Hueco Tanks

Last week we went on tour a few times. In one day Daniel did "The Machinist" (v13)

and "Rules of Chaos" (v10) with fairly little effort.

On the same tour, I made high points on two problems that had stumped me in the past, Rumble in the Jungle and Better Eat Your Wheaties, So I was psyched about that.
The other day we went to Bloodline, which is a sick tufa, and I did Loaded With Power, a boulder problem that sticks out and just begs to be climbed, right by the chains on North Mt.
(Ben Elkon on Loaded with Power, winter 2008)

I'll post more photos soon.

Not much time left here, want to climb a few more things on North and in the backcountry before I leave.

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