Monday, January 25, 2010

Snowy Potosi

This past week we had SEVERE rain in LA for four days straight, no exaggeration. Freeways turned into rivers. Entire communities were evacuated for fear of landslides. Serious precipitation. As I left LA for Vegas on Friday I could see SO much snow on the mountains along the way.

Here is a view of Clark Mountain. Can you recognize the country's hardest sport climb?

Apparently as the storms left LA they hit Vegas just as hard. The mountains to the west of town were also covered, as was the bigwall skyline of Red Rocks.

I decided to go up to Mt. Potosi anyway yesterday with Bill and Andy. Although we had to endure this on the approach ...

... it was worth it because we were headed to this.

I climbed a few of the easier classics, including a nice 12b called Santorini.

Bill worked his project, T2, and Andy sampled a bunch of the crags hard lines.

Andy setting off into the first 5.12 section of T2 (13d in its entirety)

Oddly enough, as hard on me as the hike was, I decided to go back today with Jarrett. Can you believe my surprise when I got up there and realized I didn't have the strength to climb hard today?

I hope my next post is from Hueco.


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