Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another Black Mt Weekend

I spent the weekend bouldering and camping up at Black Mountain again, with Anthony Tarascio and others. I met Anthony up there on Friday night and over a delicious MSR powered dinner and some beers we both yammered on incessantly about how good the bouldering at Black Mt is and how beautiful the prominent Milky Way was in the sky, until we decided to pass out in our respective sleeping bags.
A view of the boulder-covered ridge above the group camp sites during morning coffee.
Anthony, the Sauce Boss, whippin up some breakfast.
On Saturday, after a brief warm up around the summit area, Anthony found and cleaned a nice little line on the back of the boulder that hosts the wall of moderates that we cleaned up the previous week. He and I both worked the overhanging crimps to slopers for a while and decided it would go next time.
Anthony tossing to the lip on the Sauce Boss project
We eventually made our way over to Cracker Boy, a known classic that I'd meant to try for a long time. The crew gave it a good session, and I was psyched to send second try.

Aron on "Cracker Boy."
Anthony gives a perfect spot as Ryan dismounts in style.
Anthony snuck in the repeat send before I could even get the lens cap off.
Team Evolv chalk buckets representing.
Eventually we made it over to the December Boulders, were we continued Abbey and Ty's obscure classic tour and I was doubly psyched to send Megalomania on my second attempt of the day.

Abbey getting into "Moon Drops."
Ty hanging crystals on "Moon Drops."

On Sunday, after a slow warm up and a prolonged session on Bang On, during which I tagged the crux crimp numerous times, I met back up with Anthony and the gang up at the summit area, where we worked on an old Rob Mulligan project and a nice steep line that had been hiding in plain site in the cluster of boulders adjacent to NRA and the summit block. The lines didn't go yet, but I'm confident they will next time.

Kristen campusing the first move of the old Rob Mulligan project.
Anthony starting the Choss Boss project
Check out that sick dropknee Egyptian
Small crimp!

As I've been raving for a while, Black Mountain season is in full swing, and the temps are only going to get better. Hopefully I can send some of my projects before the snow comes and they close the gate in November-ish. Stay psyched!

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