Monday, September 10, 2012

Black Mountain Days (Daze)

Over the last few weekends, crews have been getting back into the groove of regularly visiting Black Mt. Specifically, we've been hitting the YMCA and the Chappies areas, where those who have yet to send Beowulf are coming close to doing so, and those who have done that 4-star line have been finding and cleaning new ones. It's been a fun few weekends, and the temps are only getting better up there. The Black Mt. season is in full swing!

Bridget working out her beta on "Beowulf" (v11)

Kody coming close to the send.
Alex works the beginning of "Beowulf."

Cody sticking the big move.

How many boulderers does it take to move a boulder?
Anthony Tarascio working "Hugawar" (v10/11)

Myself, cleaning an amazing new line at the YMCA. This one will be EPIC.
The line, all chalked up and looking ready to go. Methinks a rappel inspection is in order!
Devlin making the dropknee work for him on "Beowulf."
San Jacinto peak, seen from the YMCA area.

Devlin on a new moderate that I found, cleaned, and FKA'd at the YMCA, "Bambi's First Waltz" (v2/3).
Ambrose on the same
Needless to say, I'm psyched to go back and try some of the new projects! Stay psyched, climb safe, and see you out there!


  1. Cool photos! That roof you found looks awesome.

    1. Thanks! You guys should come out some time soon!

  2. Isaac, nice blog. Great pics, great sends, great areas. Keep up the good work. I look forward to more.