Monday, December 12, 2011

Perfect Temps at Black Mt

Sunday, Anthony Tarascio and I cruised up to Black Mt and met Ian and Bridget for an awesome day of granite bouldering in perfect conditions. Although the second gate on the road up to Black is closed, a quick(ish) 2.5 mile uphill hike landed us at the OK Corral in about 40 minutes.

Unfortunately, I'm an idiot and forgot to charge my Nikon battery, but my cell phone has a shitty camcorder app, so I was able to get some footage, including my almost-send of/epic failure on Gimme Some and Anthony's spectacular send of Man is a Bastard.

Myself falling at the end of Gimme Some (v9)

Anthony Tarascio, finally sending Man is a Bastard (v10)

Temps are great right now and hopefully I'll have even more ascents to report in the near future.
Stay psyched everyone, and get out on those rocks!


  1. Dude I've watched him hit that hold and not stick it SO MANY TIMES. It absolutely sick to see it go down finally. That one is a classic and a toughie for sure.

  2. um.. it *was* absolutely sick ...