Monday, December 19, 2011

Great Day at the Jupiter Boulders!

Sunday, Itai and Eden Axelrad and I drove out to meet Anthony Tarascio for a day of bouldering. Our original intention was to check out some of the lower elevation stuff at Black Mt, but with a heavy cloud shrouding the mountain and dumping snow, we decided to check out the Jupiter Boulders, near Palm Springs. Considering that the parking area is a local firing range, we parked the cars and ran up to the boulders as quickly as possible, politely informing the gun-slingers that we'd be hiking up into the canyon to their right, and to please not shoot at the moving colorful rectangles.

Anthony gave us a great tour of many awesome problems, including Super Nova (v10), which both  of the twins and I were able to send! (Anthony had of course crushed it previously.)  

Eden warming up with a flash of "Air Flash" (v7)

It really does feel like you're on another planet.
 After a quick warmup we ran over to Super Nova, which Anthony hailed as one of the best problems at the Jupiters. With perfectly polished holds and very difficult compression moves, we all concurred with his assessment.

Itai sending "Super Nova" (v10)

There is also video of both Eden and I sending Super Nova, which I'll post up here as soon as Itai has it available.

After we all finally sent (I was last, predictably), we headed over to the beautiful bloc that is home to such classics as Suck My Venus (v8), Kiss Uranus (v11), and a couple of projects as well. Itai and Eden were both able to flash Suck My Venus, which took me three tries, and when I did finally send I'd say my sketchy, pumped out of my brain topout form deserved some negative style points. I decided to take it easy after that, and just take pics of the other three working Ian McIntosh's testpiece, Kiss Uranus.

Eden Axelrad flashing "Suck my Venus" (v8) 

Itai also flashing, with a wild and impressive foot cut. 

Eden working the moves on "Kiss Uranus"

Itai starting "Kiss Uranus"

Anthony on the same

The view, which made the setting feel even more surreal

Up canyon
All in all, it was an amazing day at a new (to 3 of us) area, and we look forward to returning on future days when the upper reaches of the mountain are covered in snow. Hopefully we won't have too many of those this season though!

Until next update, stay psyched and see you out there!


  1. Strong work buddy! Now get yourself down to Hueco!