Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bishop ...

I spent last weekend, my "week after birthday weekend," in Bishop with a great group of friends. After a cold Friday night we arose to a beautiful Saturday, which we decided to spend in the Buttermilks.

Basin Mountain and Mt Tom, as seen from the Birthday Boulders
Anthony working out the bottom of "Haroun and the Sea of Stories," my new obsession.
"Little T" working the magic on "Haroun..."
Bishop local, Andrew, shows us the beta on "Fall Guy" (the v9 stand to "Haroun.")
Mt Tom
A friend of Itai's from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Joe, sending "Fall Guy."

Max only gave it a couple shots, but looked strong, as usual.

Liberty making a fast send of "Fly Boy Arete" (v5)
One of many in the lineup attempting "Fly Boy Sit" (v8)
Myself on "Fly Boy Sit," just before the send.

Anthony cruising "Fly Boy Sit" with multiple stuffed animals taped to his arms. Yes, you read that right.

Joe on "Seven Spanish Angels" (über hard v6)

Anthony sippin his victory Maker's and Brett sending so he can share.

That's what Brett dynoing looks like.


On Sunday there was a low-lying cloud over the valley. Word on the street was three inches of snow in the Buttermilks, so we headed over to the Volcanic Tableland and climbed at the Sads.

Brett contemplating the name "Half Sharkalligator Half Man"
Anthony attempting the "Half Sharkalligator Half Man," an infamous Dan Mills v11.

From there we went up to Pow Pow, (v7/8? I seriously can't tell what's V8 anymore as some of them feel super easy and some of them feel suuuper hard) which I sent in a few tries, and then deep into the Ice Caves, where Anthony worked Beautiful Gecko and Max sent Beefcake. As Max topped out, we realized it was full on raining, so Brett and I packed it up and headed back to LA.

It was a great fun, action-packed weekend, and I can't wait to get back up to Bishop. Now I am in Vegas for Thanksgiving and will be doing some bouldering around Red Rocks over the next few days.

Stay psyched everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Nice photos! It was an action packed weekend!

  2. Let's all meet up again soon for some more of the same!