Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Off Broadway

Off Broadway is a local bar, roughly built on the "American" theme of a good cocktail and a craft brewed beer. Like me, the manager is from the states, LA specifically, and appreciates real homemade Mexican food like only someone from the Southwest can ... you can taste it in his salsa.

Off Broadway actually used to just be a gallery, and still serves as one, with original artwork always adorning the walls.

Currently, some of the work on the walls is mine. Four pieces from my "POV Series" hang in the front room of the bar, where they have been since the beginning of December and will continue to hang at least through January. (photos coming this weekend)

Here are two drawings I did recently in my sketchbook, sitting at the end of the bar, looking left and right respectively.

I'm thinking I might buy some copper and turn them into etchings.
What do you think?


  1. Its been so long since I've seen your art (or you for that matter)! I'm happy to see it and the sketches are great.

  2. Hi, I met you the other day in Off Broadway bar, good to see more of your art, my blogspot is boycrazyboy.blogspot.com