Saturday, January 08, 2011

Two Weeks in LA and New Year's in Vegas

So I came home to LA for the two weeks straddling New Year's Weekend. On New Year's Eve, I flew from LA to Vegas, where I saw my brother for the first time in three years. It was nice spending a couple of days catching up. I also finally got to meet his girlfriend Yuko. Check out his blog "And Sometimes Why" on my blogroll for some interesting commentary.

On Sunday, I went bouldering in Red Rock with Craig Berman. We worked on the beautiful arete problem "Ultraviolet" and I narrowly failed, falling off the last even remotely difficult move, one massive hold away from the top of the boulder.

I've spent the weekdays working in my office in LA and after the boulder set at Rockreation tomorrow, I fly back to London on Monday.

Can't wait to get back to this weather and this girl.

See you on the flipside.


  1. Jealous. Red Rocks is getting a lot of love this season.

  2. It was awesome getting to hang out with you even for a weekend. We can't let it go as long again, man.

    I'd love to show you guys around Matsuyama. When are you visiting? ;-)