Monday, October 18, 2010

SIBL Round 1

Yesterday was the first round of the Southern Indoor Bouldering League (SIBL) competition series at the Mile End Climbing Wall, the local gym I've started to train at. I helped set for the comp two mornings last week and took photos during the day of. Spending the day at a friendly competition (mixed youth and adult open) reminded me of when I used to do JCCA/USCCA/USAC junior comps back in the day. Like back before you'd even HEARD of Daniel Woods. (I jest, but seriously.) Here are just a few snaps of the action.


  1. Were you all teary-eyed while saying things that started with "Back when I was..."?

    Oh, that reminds me: your birthday is coming up pretty soon. What do you want?

  2. What do YOU want?

  3. Photo 5.

    Looks like a cool comp. How is it setting on new walls, different holds, in different styles, etc.?

  4. Yes, photo 5.
    She is strong too. Think she took 2nd place at this comp.

    The setting is cool, but the Brits certainly are not used to my style. You would crush their "jump, crimp, and pull" style problems.

  5. Nice shots man! You're the only person who could make plastic look so appealing. Keep crushing out there.