Saturday, October 23, 2010

Inspiration Post: Action Directe

Maybe I missed the boat by a year, but I just found this awesome, inspirational video of Rich Simpson on the world's most famous sport climb, Action Directe, in the Frankenjura, Germany. It's kind of long at 26 minutes, but worth the watch, and does a great job communicating the level of obsession we climbers tend go through with our personal projects.

Watch it at Chris Doyle's vimeo page here:

UPDATE: Apparently, many of Simpson's accomplishments have come under scrutiny lately.
He certainly looks strong enough to send in the Vid. I for one hope he sent. The video is super inspiring. We may never know the truth.

Some iconic images of the famous line:

Wolfgang Gullich

Rich Simpson

Gabriele Moroni

Adam Ondra

Killian Fishhuber


  1. You have a similar build to Gabriele, so you got that going for ya. Are you gonna visit the jura? Shout out limey!

  2. I would love to visit the jura! Looks like Wild Iris ... with inverse coloring.

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