Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Senior Show

The opening of my senior thesis show, Vantage, was Monday night. To answer some questions that have been asked: I hung a total of 11 paintings, on 13 canvases (there are two diptychs). Unfortunately, the lighting in these photos of the reception kind of prevents you from seeing all the subtleties of light in most of the paintings. Also, I might as well note here, as the title of the show implies, that the paintings are about point of view. They are about exploring the point of view shot, to document every day life and the world around me through my last year of college, and to examine more the psychological state of transition that the point of view shot is historically used to highlight in cinema (Julian Schnabel's The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, for a recent example in film). Of course as both a painter and a rock climber, I am particularly aware of the role that our hands play as the tools with which we connect to the world around us, and so the paintings share them as a common subject; they are ever-present in my point of view. In spite of the torrential rain, a lot of people came to the reception, and it was a ton of fun. The opening was from 6 to 9 and probably 150 or so came through during that time. The gallery is also open every day this week from 11 to 5, so if you are in Brooklyn, swing through. BIG thanks to everyone who helped me with the show, particularly Shane Heinemeier, John Ris, and Suraj Gandhi.

View from across the gallery.

Eric and Julie interacting with me interacting with my TV

Dan pretending to eat my bagel.

Evan and I screwin around

James and I sharing a glass

Chet showing some love


  1. Congratulations, Isaac. I really wish I could have been there. How did it go? How many pieces did you show? I trust your work was well received?
    How about a description of the event along with the photos, eh? ;-)

  2. Yeah, how about a description of the event and some captions as well?
    I would like to know who the 'peeps' in the photos are.
    It looks like I missed a great opening night. The paintings look great on the walls, and the attendees seem to be enjoying themselves as well! I am so cool for writing 'peeps'. Damn I'm a cool dad!