Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Weekend at Black/Tour de France SDS

It was an amazing weekend at Black Mt, yet again. I left LA Friday afternoon and camped Friday and Saturday nights, allowing me to get in two perfect days of bouldering (well it was a little hot in the mid-day sun, but chasing shade actually provided the occasional chill). The sunset on Friday was gorgeous as always,

and the following morning I discovered that my campsite was surrounded by a field of these beautiful little purple wild flowers.

Saturday morning, Nohl Von Haeckel and I swapped attempts on Hop Scotch, which we both failed on, and then went up to try the sit start to Tour de France.

Video of me failing on Hop Scotch

Nohl about to attempt the crux throw on Hop Scotch

After Nohl had to take off, Dan Mills in the hills with the pills showed up. After refining the beta together, Dan sent, and I ended up having to wait until Sunday afternoon to do the same.

Dan's send

Before my Sunday attempts on Tour, while waiting for the wall to go far enough into the shade and cool off a little bit, I cleaned up and sent this nice moderate problem. Probably in the V2 or 3 range.

The crux hold on Tour de France

The crux sequence

It feels nice to finally send something! Now on to the rest of the classic hard problems of Black Mt. The psyche only continues to grow, now that I'm finally starting to feel fit. See you all out there!


  1. Nice send! Man...I'm really psyched to get out there later this summer.

  2. Maybe you can get footage of some of these stellar lines!

  3. Definitely, It would be sweet to get some footage of you doing some classics out there. Tour de France SDS sequence looks very cool.