Monday, June 20, 2011

More Black

In case it wasn't made obvious by my posts over the last couple of years, Black Mountain has become far and away my favorite Southern California bouldering destination. I'll let the photos below tell most of the story of the weekend, and it shouldn't be hard to see why I love the place. We connected with Ryan Kim, Anthony Tarascio and a crew from OC/SD on Saturday evening and climbed with them all of Sunday. These guys are way strong and full of psyche, so it's always a pleasure to climb with them. Brett pulled off an impressive send of Megalomania on Sunday and a rad onsight of Way Too High on Saturday. For the second weekend in a row I got my ass handed to me, but I just keep reminding myself that I'm in training mode and that hopefully it will all pay off and in a few more weeks maybe I can send a boulder or two.

Brett Gottdener, way off the deck on Way too High

Brett taking yet another lap on Where Boneheads Dare

Mike trying hard on Velvet Revolver

Can't really argue against this sunset

Sunday morning and Anthony is psyched about his omelette.

Brett Gottdener sending Moon Drops (v6)

Anthony Tarascio repeating Megalomania (stout v8)

Brett topping out Megalomania

Anthony on Man is the Bastard. Going ...

Going ...

... and gone. Maybe next time.

As always, I can't wait till next weekend. Until then, the training continues.


  1. Nice updates! Psyched to see that Black Mountain season is in full effect. Hopefully we'll meet up later this summer.

  2. WORD, son!. Check back for Sunday's update later tonight!