Saturday, June 26, 2010

Black Mt, Summit Area, yet again

We went back to the Summit area last Sunday and explored the hillside from Bang On, through the "Round Boulders" to the lookout tower. There is so much rock at Black that it's hard to remember that there are probably a hundred other hillsides with just as much untouched rock as this one. For those that have been paying attention, I did come closer to sending Expatriot this time. If you've seen the video, I fell trying to snatch the left hand crimp below the lip, the last left hand hold before your right hand is on a massive jug and the climb is over. I don't think I'll make it back there this weekend though, as I gotta help a friend move tomorrow, so I'm off to the gym now. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

(Always proofrad. You might have something out.)


  1. Hope you send it next time.

    Oh, and "you're right hand"? "you're weekend"?
    Really? Your English teachers would be so sad that you're mixing up those two words.

  2. did i really type that? i was in a hurry. go teach English to somebody who didn't grow up speaking it. :P