Monday, October 19, 2009


Went up to Black Mountain on Sunday and met up with Ian, Bridget, Alex, Anthony and Nick. We started just a little way up the group camp road and then headed up to the YMCA Camp area. These areas of Black Mt, which are little traveled, hold seriously massive potential. I can't believe that I've lived in SoCal and Vegas for so many years of my life and never climbed there (though a decent amount at the Tramway) until A.Ron and Buck's birthday bash last month. I now realize just how much of a mistake that was.
Warming up at the YMCA area

There was an epic project up there that the whole crew had been working Saturday, and on Sunday Ian and Alex got the first and second ascents respectively. The beauty climbs out a cave on perfect incut crimps, busts a big move to a jug at the lip, and tops out REALLY high on good holds and a lesser angle. Pretty damn aesthetic if you ask me. I'd venture to say 4.5 stars. As of yesterday, Ian had not yet come up with a name.

Here is a classic called Ghost Dog, that Ian put up during the beginning of the summer I guess. It is around v8ish and also rather aesthetic and a little bit off the deck. A new school classic for sure, with a big move to a jug at the lip.

Going back next weekend, unless something serious happens to change those plans. So psyched.

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