Saturday, September 20, 2008

Here is a drawing I did in rope on my roof deck of the Manhattan skyline as I was looking at it.

We went back to Central Park yesterday to try to send the project at 110 street. No luck, though it did feel better this time. One of these days soon one of us will send the best line in NYC. A few more pics can be seen at dabtronics.


  1. Dude, safety first, remember? How high is that boulder problem you're working without crash pads?
    Asphalt isn't as soft as scrub brush...

    But anyway, good luck on the project. =)

  2. Dave, I added another photo (now the first climbing pic) in which you can see the corners of two of the three pads we were using. We have like two spotters and three pads the whole time, because yes, the boulder is tall. See the previous post for its full size.

  3. Good, good. Are you any closer to sending it?
    I dig the string piece, BTW.