Monday, March 27, 2006


  1. Whaddya mean your car? It's basically community property at this point. It's registered and insured in mom's name, I drive it on a daily basis (for now), and you drive it when you're here on break. Which reminds me- I wonder what we're going to do this summer if I haven't bought a new car by then... :-\

    Oh, and 90MPH in that car? I thought your top speed was going to be 85? It's a wonder you didn't spontaneously combust.

  2. hey hey hey, that was my high school car... i broke down in that thing probably more than you and mom combined, so it's mine be default. besides, what do you mean if you don't have a car by MAY? the pic was more to show that i was going 90 on an "empty" tank, sucka.